Your Craft Beer Wedding

beer at wedding reception

In this month’s featured article, we have a pretty cool suggestion for your wedding day, that we know will make your wedding guest’s eyes light up. When planning a wedding, anyone would want to ensure that drinks are not just mediocre. But what is involved in a Craft beer wedding?

Throughout history, beer may well have been more involved with weddings than many of us know. However, did you know that the word ‘bridal’ for example, originated from the old English word ‘brydeleo’ which meant wedding feast. Centuries later, the word had become bride-ale, referring to a special drink brewed for the wedding celebration. It is also noteworthy that guests would also give gifts in exchange for drinks brewed just for the wedding.

Moving on from history, what about a modern Craft beer wedding? Ensuring that you have a carefully chosen selection of craft beer to serve at your special day, will really go a long way for that personal touch, opposed to the usual generalized bar ‘feel’ and ‘queuing up scenario’ that we all used to hate. This Craft Beer theme experience, will show that you have put a lot of thought into your attendees satisfaction. We could even add that it’s certainly the ‘Je ne sais quoi’, the ‘crème de la crème’ theme, that each guest will no doubt remember.

To begin with, making your wedding day even more memorable, why not serve one specific craft ale with your meal as an alternative to wine. Any ale connoisseur will tell you, that the range and flavours in beer are far greater than that of wine any way.

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Quality Craft beer without hangovers

How many craft beers could you guarantee to your guests, have no impurities, no toxins or chemicals? Well that is exactly what we found out with ABK Beer. Because their craft beer is strictly developed under a historic German Beer Purity Law, ABK Brewery still use the same recipe that they have always used. Hundreds of years later, you can still enjoy the same great tasting beer using only pure water, the finest hops, yeast and barley.

ABK Dunkel beer is a full-bodied beer with a smooth caramel and bitter chocolate aroma. A delightful beverage that you could place in an ice chilled mini-bucket, for each guest that’s a fan of great tasting ale. Whether you want a refreshing quality Bavarian beer shandy, perfect for the warmer weather, or a medium sweet beer with toffee pudding note, you can easily match craft beer to complement and enhance any dish on your tasty menu.

Fascinating Wedding Favors

Why not collect some fine looking beer glassware and then personalize it for each guest. Personalized glassware has even been used as seating charts, after which the guests will love to keep them as their party favors.

What about going the ‘extra mile’ and using craft ale as a wedding favor. This certainly would raise the bar in comparison to sugared almonds.
Some may like to choose luxury chocolates for some guests and beers for others, all adding to the uniqueness of sharing your precious with your friends. Beer can also be intertwined with your whole wedding theme. Take for example a quirky or country wedding theme. You may even choose to decorate the hall with hop garlands or barley sheaths in the marquee entrance.

Beer Related Groomsmen & Bridesmaid Gifts

If the bride and groom appreciate beer, probably their friends and family may too. Personalized beer products make for great groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. Personalized wooden bottle openers are a fun idea to place on the main guests table ( or on each if you want to go the whole ‘hog’)
Engraved beer glasses also show guests that much thought has gone into your personal effort on their behalf. Finally there’s even beer soap! Imagine something useful that’s infused with the same hops and malt from your favorite beer.