Why is it called a Wedding Breakfast?

It might seem a little odd to call the meal we have at a wedding reception “Wedding Breakfast” when it contains none of the food items we would typically eat when first waking up. When you consider that it usually takes place in the afternoon, it becomes even more confusing!

Where does the term a wedding breakfast come from?

The origin of the term wedding breakfast dates back to pre-Reformation times before the Church of England distanced itself from Rome. Back then, weddings were traditionally held after mass, and to be eligible to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, couples would have been required not to eat. Once the fast was over, they would gather with family and friends to eat their first meal together as a married couple hence the name wedding breakfast (break fast.)

When it comes to a wedding breakfast, there are no set rules regarding what you must eat and drink and it can consist of foods and drinks that you both like. You can choose options that reflect both yours tastes or that fit with your wedding theme.

When planning a wedding breakfast menu, it is a good idea to cater to your guests’ tastes as well as your own.

Usually, a wedding breakfast will consist of three courses which you can match to the season with late spring and summer weddings tending to opt for lighter meals that incorporate either a cold starter or soup.

As for the mains, two options (fish, meat) and even a vegetarian selection should be able to please everyone on your guest list.

When selecting a dessert, bear in mind that you will be serving the wedding cake to go with the champagne, so opt for something refreshing like a fruit sorbet, which will also help to cleanse the palate. 

Recent trends in wedding breakfast include the following things:

  • Shared starters served on platters are an excellent way for your guests to get to know one another.
  • Seasonal and locally sourced products tell people that you care about where you live and what you eat, while also helping out the local economy.
  • Just as sharing starters are becoming popular, you can go the same way with desserts by offing your guests a variety of differently flavoured desserts.
wedding deserts

Depending on where you hold your reception, you will be offered several choices of set menus. Hotels and country houses that specialize in wedding receptions will usually have tried and true formulas for a successful wedding breakfast.

Outside caterers, on the other hand, can be more flexible when it comes to designing a menu based on your wishes.

Before you commit to a venue or a company to cater to your special day, be sure to go online and read reviews from other people regarding the catering at their weddings.

Now you know exactly what a wedding breakfast is and how to plan & cater for yours!