Unusual Wedding venues

Unusual Wedding venues

Finding a cheap yet quirky place to hold an elegant wedding is always hard to find, right? Well we’re here to make it possible.

Finding the perfect venue has a massive impact on the feel and atmosphere of a wedding, location can be the perfect beginning to a wedding plan.

Before choosing the most ideal place to have a wedding you need to know the basic things to consider:

Knowing how many guests will attend can make sure you hire a venue that is the best size.

Having a wedding theme can help tremendously, you can use the venue to mirror the theme and your personality.

Unusual Wedding venues

The venue

Have you ever thought about having a wedding in the tree tops? Well why not have one in a tree house? Give your guests a something to remember, bring out the child in you.

Tree house weddings are definitely different but they are best if you want a small wedding. The average size is about ten guests plus the couple.

A place that specialises in smaller weddings is Millbrook estate. 2/3/4 or 7 nights accommodation in one of their luxury Devon cottages (price varies depending on cottage and length of stay)

Wedding on the day of your choice in the summerhouse, Includes a Bottle of Champagne (or non alcoholic fizz)
Prices start as low as £799

Call 01769 561900 to book your perfect wedding today.

Plush tents

This Sussex glamping wedding venue is set in a superb location located in a idyllic woodland within Walking distance of Kingley vale nature reserve, plush tents provide a unique setting for a very memorable wedding.

Having a wedding in a plush tent allows room for your own decor ideas. A recommended company is plush tents, in West Sussex.